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In addition to the unparalleled quality line of Secure-All security doors we build in our own manufacturing shop, we also offer an equally impressive line of garage doors built by Clopay in the United States of America.

Why Clopay?
The short answer is: Quality. How we determined Clopay's quality to be among the best requires a much longer explanation. You see, when it came time to replace the garage doors on our own homes - and before we became a Clopay dealer - we started our research and shopping much like you. We visited home show booths, we had the multitude of salespeople visit our homes and we researched the various companies online. As you can guess, we got a different story from every one of those guys and ended up falling into a tangled web of conflicting information. To help sort out our confusion, we dug deeper and visited the actual warehouses/facilities of the manufacturers. Upon doing so, several "red flags" emerged related to customer service and product quality.

The perfect blend of customer service and quality is a fundamental part of Secure-All's success in the security door business. After 41 years of building the finest security doors available, I guess you could say we've developed a pretty good eye for quality. But, with these garage doors, we needed to get beyond that barrier that separates a product's actual quality from that "virtually perfect" product their marketing department depicts in their brochure. To vanquish this facade, we secretly connected with some of our associates and installers in the door business - like a secret door underworld! Alright, maybe it's not that mysterious and exciting. But, with the right connections, we were able to get the facts we needed to determine which garage door company had the best product and which company would be building the garage doors for our own homes. Upon scrutiny and careful consideration of each manufacturer, we unanimously chose Clopay!

The fiasco of choosing an installer.
Every inventor, developer or manufacturer faces a similar challenge of enabling the customer to experience 100% of their product's full benefit and potential. A good portion any company's business comes from referrals and repeat customers. In the door business, that final connection - the lasting impression - comes down to the workmanship and professionalism of the installer. After all, what good is a top-quality door if it's not installed properly? Now, if you think we had a challenging time determining which manufacturer we wanted to build our garage doors, imagine the road block we hit when it came down to choosing an installer. Oh, my...what a world that is.

The short and sweet of it is that we interviewed and hired three different individuals who we believed were among the best. We let each of them perform a garage door installation, many of which were on our own homes. We then evaluated the level of service they provided and compared their workmanship and the overall job each of them did. Our favorite garage door installer (by far) is Chris, a family man who is courteous, punctual and truly an expert when it comes to installing garage doors. What we like most about Chris is that, in his own words, it "excites me to see how happy the customer is when I'm finished installing their new garage doors." Hey, Chris, we thought that was our line! Knowing the work he's already done for us and hearing feedback from customers Chris has installed for, we know you are going to be very happy with the job he does for you!

Business Practices the Bite!
It's amazing how much we learned during the three months we spent researching different garage door manufacturers, garage door installers and those dealers who bring it to you. Along the way, we did meet some very nice folks. Of course, as with any business, there are also some "snakes in the well." Some of the techniques we learned the larger garage door dealers use to boost profit are just wrong. For example, we learned that their installers are encouraged and paid a commission to "up-sell" customers at the time of installation. We also learned that most of these dealers charge grossly inflated prices - generally double their cost! Their motivation for being in business is not about making you happy. Their driving force is all about "unit sales," commissions and plenty of profit.

Unfortunately, this venomous practice "struck" a member of our immediate family. That's right. Just a few months prior to our establishment as a Clopay authorized dealer, a member of our family hired one of the larger garage door companies in town to do some work on their home. They heard an endorsement from a local radio personality they trusted. They were familiar with this dealer because they had seen their nicely marked trucks around town. They figured it was a good choice because this company was a member of an online "referral" list. Well, sure enough, the installer up-sold these folks by ALMOST DOUBLE the original quoted price. In addition, it was clear that none of the costly items they were sold were completely necessary. The job this installer did was clearly rushed and devoid of any pride in workmanship. An isolated occurrence? Perhaps. But, this first-hand experience seems alarmingly consistent with numerous stories we've heard among people in the business. Buyer beware.

Why Secure-All?
Our objective is not to be the biggest garage door dealer in town. The primary reason we even offer garage doors is to provide our customers with an additional resource from a family owned and operated company they already know and trust. The Clopay brand is truly an exceptional product and we know this because we have Clopay garage doors on our own homes. Combine an exceptional product with one of finest garage door installers in Denver, then back it up with the commitment and dedication of the Secure-All family, and you've got a bullet-proof formula for complete satisfaction!

At Secure-All, we will compete head-to-head with ANY door company you find and hereby pledge the following:

• Our family and team will NOT attempt to "up-sell" you anything you don't need in order to earn additional profit or commissions.
• The final price we quote you will be our absolute lowest price - up front - with NO PRICING GAMES.
• We will upgrade all wear-sensitive hardware, such as springs, rollers, hinges, etc., at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.
• We will evaluate your specific needs and quote you on the best product for you, even if it costs a little bit more.
• Our family, who has owned and operated Secure-All Company, Inc. for 41 years, will STAND BEHIND YOUR PURCHASE 100%!

Know who you are doing business with...FIRST!
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